Marimo is a pet algae, his Latin name is Aegagropila linnaei and originally comes from Japan. His relatives can be found in cold lakes of Northern Europe.

If you want easy-to-take care of house pet, you have found it. Marimo requires little attention, but it will make you happy every time you look at it. It is easy to take care of, he won`t leave hair around, stays quiet and can be left without supervision for a longer period of time. All he needs is fresh water and some love.

Marimo is a freshwater algae, but can withstand low concentrations of salt. His life expectancy is very long, he can survive for decades. Reproduction is vegetative, which means at some point in his life he will make small Marimos on his surface which will detach from the original Marimo and start living their own life. Marimo is a slow grower, in nature it takes a whole year to grow for 5 mm, although some can reach up to 30 cm in diameter.