As all algae, Marimo photosynthesises, therefore he needs source of CO2, water and light to survive. His natural habitat is at the bottom of the lakes, so he is comfortable with very little light. That also makes him sensitive for direct sun light, so don`t put him on direct sun or under too strong light. You can easily put him on a table or shelf near window and when sun is shining, Marimo will produce oxygen and float at the surface. If you want to see your Marimo floating, put him under light (for example night lamp).

If you want to keep your Marimo round and happy, spin him around with your finger every now and then.

Marimo is best kept in fresh tap water. If you live in an area where tap water is bad quality, make sure to filter it first. If your water has a lot of calcium, white pieces might appear on Marimo`s surface.

If your Marimo gets dirty (maybe some pieces/flakes from the air will fall in to the water etc), put him in a bowl with fresh water and squeeze him gently under the water a few times. Make sure you squeeze it evenly on all sites, so it stays round.

Optimal water temperature for Marimo is between 15 and 20°C, up to 25°C, but he prefers colder water. If you keep your Marimo on room temperature, that should be fine. Optimal pH is around neutral (6-8).

Marimo is not dangerous or poisonous, you can touch him, but don`t eat him. It gets along with some species of fish and shrimps.

And what if I get tired of Marimo and want to get rid of him?
We think that is impossible (how can you get tired of something so cute?!), but should that be the case, we strongly encourage you to find him a new home. You can also return him to us. In the worst case, Marimo can be recycled among biological waste.